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  • Our interests lie

    • in media business alone
    • our media business is limited only to the “real estate and construction” market
  • Business map (as of January 1st, 2007)

    • Markets: development and construction, residential and commercial real estate, mortgage and investments, architecture and town-planning, construction materials
    • Products: magazines, books, conferences, seminars, awards, Internet services, research, ratings, indices
    • Offices: Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Almaty (Kazakhstan)
    • Now Building MG is a leader among media companies in the “real estate and construction” segment
  • Why clients choose Building

    • Building covers all real estate market segments: residential and commercial properties, development and construction, architecture and many other areas
    • Building offers all possible communications: periodicals, books, conferences, other personal communications, Internet and many others
    • Building can be a successful mediator in reaching almost any marketing goal on the real estate and construction market
  • Business facts

    • The company is founded in August 2004
    • Its portfolio includes more than 50 projects
    • Over 10,000 companies are among its clients
    • The company has offices in 3 countries
    • The offices have more than 200 professionals on payroll

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Адрес редакции, учредителя и издателя

Москва, улица Станиславского, дом 10
Телефон/факс (495) 980-7113; Интернет: www.building.su; e-mail:

© Building. Перепечатка материалов или их использование в иной форме возможны только с письменного разрешения

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